Sunday, January 21, 2007

Must be the season of the witch.

I was going to save that title for a session about an odd episode of my life involving a witch, but I don't feel like writing about that and yet this song, or at least the chorus keeps on ringing in my head. Bad things have happened, but I can't really talk about that. Granted, my sessions might not be read much or at all, but in case certain people did and I revealed certain things certain embarrassments would come forth. So I hold back in this forum, but I wanted to start with that title because with that chorus in my head I can't commit to any other title.

Looking at the time I see technically now I have lost another day without a session which annoys me, but that's life. The time is rather late and I don't think I can really pull out a full session right now even, but maybe something just to set the tone of these times. Understand now, it's the season of the witch and the hour of the wolf. It's not a time of crisis, it's a time of a quiet desperation, as people ponder what they must do when the crises do break and all the problems finally break down upon their heads. Usually there's little they can do, occassionally there's everything they can do, and sometimes ignorance is the only course of action. The only thing people hold in common at this time, in the hour of the wolf in the season of the witch, is that quiet desperation, looking into the unknown as if it were a bottomless pit ready to swallow them up.

That chorus still rings in my head. Must be the season of the witch.

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