Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Greetings, salutations and other gestures of welcome

Greetings for the magnificent and glorious man who is Rand! Alter ego of a name I'd rather not use so that I might avoid certain people from examing this too closely. I intend for this to be somewhat raw with rather intense emotions that might worry some. This means some of my famliy and prospective employers cannot check this at least at the present time. But perhaps I can let my friends check this out and some of my family, although I might be writing about them which may make things akward. But I think that is a risk I can take at least in regards to my friends (my family I'm a little less sure about). Things might be a little less akward if I use puesodyms instead of their names so I probably will do that. But anyways, I plan to write and do stuff with this which I think might accomplish several goals not the least of which is improving my skill. Yet I'd also like this to serve as an actual blog, ie one people actually read instead of just one that sits here as a electronic journal on the net, which makes no sense since I could just keep text documents with my writings and spare myself the danger of an employer stumbling upon it and discovering my more troublesome thoughts.

Maybe I should also talk about my name Rand. It is obviously (or it should be obvious to anyone who reads this) that this is not my real name, but it is the name of a character in a story of mine and it serves as a bit of an alter ego. The name comes from the Rand function in C++, it's a random number generator and at the time I invented this name I was much more interested in computer science (Now less so, but aspects of it still intrigue me). Perhaps an influence was the name of Ayn Rand as a friend of mine speculated, but if so it was an unconscious one. But I like this name. I like it so much that I'm worried that I'll overuse it in my writing, but oh well, such is the way of the world. Rand is a man of talent and energy, of bravery and boldness, of eccentricity and calculating cleverness, of integrity and understanding, of faith and reason. He is in many ways one of the several ideal versions of myself. It'll be nice to get him out on the web and to indulge my imagination in creating a virtual identity for him. Maybe that effort will amount to something as I hope and Rand might become known at least as a blog writer, but even if not, I should have some fun working on him. So that's about that, I hope you have enjoy this entry, good night and good luck. (I should come up with a personal sign off but for now this will due.)

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