Thursday, January 11, 2007

You're all bums you know

I like calling people bums. It's a nice way to pretend that I'm a bad ass, because honestly I'm not. I also like to call people bastards in certain circles, but you can't say that to everyone. I'd like to clarify, I'm not really serious with these names, but throwing them around even in a joking manner allows me to pretend I have a little edge. Of course, if the numbers on my views counter are correct, which I'm somewhat doubtful on, my readers are bums, they really are. After all, according to the view counter I have about 10 views today so far, but no comments (I'd settle for a kudos, but honestly, that seems kind of lame). Here's an issue that could provoke some contraversy, I'm thinking of plugging my actual website more. (it's , but I don't know how to do the fancy html stuff so it's not, well, fancy and I can't really make a link here) I doubt that will really provoke much response, but I'd like a little more traffic on my website. So far I think all the views have been mine over the years. I actually haven't been putting much effort into updating my website, but maybe if I got some more views... Eh, that's enough about that.

I'd rather not talk about my life as much as I have been, but that's been on my mind a lot lately. At least the future has been, for reasons I'm tired of explaining. My teaching school application has been progressing, but it's getting time to start begging for recommendation letters and honestly I hate that. I'm supposed to start today, but I've been procrastinating, which perhaps explains why I'm doing two sessions today instead of one. The rest of my time I've been watching Suzuka, a nice little anime that more people should check out. It's available on It's premise is similiar to a harem anime, but it's plays out more like a high school romance. I like it perhaps because it's got a lovable loser character (a type I can always relate to) and it's got sweet romantic themes (I know this makes me sound like a girl, but I love romance and such, at least in moderation), and honestly, perhaps it's because I still feel a little bit like I'm in high school. I mean I know I'm in college now and everything, but nothing has really changed. Well, of course I have more freedom with my courses and all, and I'm living in a dorm (well not now because it's break), but in some ways I feel less advanced in my life than I did in high school. I mean then I at least had my own room and I was relatively popular in school. Back in high school I was actually more focused on writing, at least poetry that is. And I was published regularly in a literary magazine which I have to say was pretty damn nice. But now... But now is break, and soon the next semester will come and new chances will arise and it being college, those chances can lead me further in the direction I want to go than my high school opportunities. So that's college for you. All you in high school don't expect your world to completely change, you're still you after all and you're still in school. But again, such is the way of the world. (I don't like sounding so fatalistic, but I can't deny my current reality, though I can still hope for the future.)

(By the way, if anyone is enough of a non-bum to post, is the size of the text too small, I like my text small, but changing it is a concession I'm willing to make for my audience.)

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