Monday, January 15, 2007

Baby did you forget to take your meds

The funny thing is, I was singing that in the shower when I realized yes, indeed I had forgotten to take my meds. Funny, funny stuff and excellent, excellent song. Though it was a bit odd to here the main singer take on the final chorus. I thought the whole thing dialoguish at first and I think his "intense" (that's not derrogatory it's just describing the type of singing he does at the end) singing voice that he launched into at the end was not the best, but it's still an excellent, excellent song, and who knows maybe otherwise it wouldn't have come out as well. Now that that's said on to other matters.

I've been looking on view count, and it seems my philosophical blog got a lot of views. Perhaps I should launch more of them. However, I do not feel like doing so right now and so I am writing a rather scattered brain little blog that serves more to get down thoughts and further introduce you to my personality. However, it is unlikely probably to get many views, so what's the point. Ah, whatever, maybe it'll surprise me yet, and if anyone then checks out the archive once I'm rich and famous (oh I will be), they'll get a little more of my personality and thoughts.

What are my thoughts right now? They are focused on my scheduling and plans for the next semester. You see, the next semester will start tommorow and so I'm reviewing my schedule seeing if I want to make any changes. Looking at it I realized that my self-imposed scheduling limitations are making most classes out of my reach, however, I think I'm ok with that. This semester will be about me, about exploring my non-school side, perhaps to generate a little more pride in life and maybe get some direction too. So that's that.

My schedule also has a nice variety of classes that will again let me try out different things, though not perhaps in a depth that will help me make any final decisions. I was a little bit ansy about revisiting math in my new schedule, but after a winter break when I realized I still love analyzing stuff, I think this math might be nice, perhaps.

I've also been checking out Megatokyo a lot within the last month or so (I ate through the archives within a couple days). A "vetern" manga reader said on amazon that in was largely for amateurs and just wish furfillment for otakus, but I don't really think so. I am perhaps not a "vetern" (I don't think I'm an amateur, perhaps somewhere in the middle), but think Gallager does a good job of capturing the good, bad, and the crazy in the geek's soul, and I think his story is pretty engaging, it is a bit slow, but it keeps moving with new events and stuff (even if said events are sometimes less than the main story at times) and any "vetern" manga reader should be used to slow moving stories by now.

Anywho, I think that's all I want to write for now. Perhaps the scatterbrain nature of this will attract a few views, or maybe when I tell some friends to check out this blog they'll find oh, what a normal blog. But, that's just for today probably, I'll try to get more philosophy in and more crazy in in future blogs, still it's nice to change pace every now and then. So take to your head, take it to your heart, and remember Rand rocks.

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