Thursday, January 10, 2008

Even this too, well, let's just go RAND!!!

And it'''s The Rand Show!!!!

So much Rand-ness, so little time.

(Note I did not use Randiness, because that's prone to misinterpretations, and I have enough misinterpretable words in my sessions as it is)

Anywho, I've talked about my future plans quite a bit in this forum. If it's a bit tiresome, you can always post a comment about it (you silly bums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). It is tad tiresome for me myself, but then again, my mind is a-buzzing with thoughts of my career nowadays and one of the primary reasons for this webpost is that I want to expose the wonders of the universe of my thoughts to the rest of the world. So it is and so it shall be.

But the reason my mind is a-buzzing with thoughts of my future and the like is because, well, there's graduation in 4 months. This May, I, the great and glorious Rand will be out of college, quite a momentous event, don't you think so? Yet with May 2008 so close I am forced to think, to really think and not just wonder and fantasize, about my job plans. And so the thoughts inevitably are stuck in my head, and for what it's worth they're not all grim, but there's an uncertain mix of hope and despair which is spinning around in my skull, giving me an uneasiness, which while common to me, is uncomfortable.

Now I've talked about all this is an irritatingly general matter, let me be a bit more specific. As one might guess from my 100+ sessions in The Rand Show (according to mySpace it's over 300, and according to it's close to 200, but both of those count the mini-posts and I think mySpace counts even some of the times I edit posts), I'd like to be a writer. In addition to my skills at webposting, I think I have a decent talent for poetry and story-telling. I also wouldn't mind writing news-reports or reviews and the like. So basically, yeah, I want to write.

But writing isn't exactly what you'd call an in-demand field, right now, or really ever.

Writers are a dime-a-dozen and places that really need professional writers are rare. So that is my conundrum.

If I went strictly for creative writing, then my career future would be a long-shot gamble, so I'm not going to do that. Somewhat more stable, however, is journalism. Journalists get regular opportunities to write and get published and they build the connections necessary for publishing someday say a novel or book of poems. But even journalism, is well, it's not an impossible field to break into or even a long-shot gamble like creative writing, rather it's simply hard to get into journalism. So I suppose the direction then is to work hard. And make contingencies.

My contingencies are based working in fields which while more stable than journalism are not too far away. This will allow me to build experience that can be used for journalism, but it will also give me credentials that can help me get a job as a journalist, especially if lack of credentials is what's stopping me from getting a job in the first place. Good options are things like technical writing, proof-reading, or editing work.

But with all those contingencies and compromises, I always am afraid I'm going to lose the Rand-ness of Rand. And beyond that, what is the Rand-ness of Rand really that I'm trying to keep and which hopefully should be my dream job. I think it's story telling, but is it really... or am I just playing the foolity fool.

It's hard to tell. It's hard to tell any of this, I have these plans, but that's all they are plans. And moreover many of these plans are means to an end (working as a writer), can I be sure that they won't end up being the entire end of my existence...

And where in all this does my personal life factor in...

All questions. Some good, some bad, some paranoid and stupid. But they're still there, and I doubt they'll ever leave. A lifetime is a long time and for plans that span a lifetime, well there's got to be some uncertainty built into them. But that's okay, this may be an uncertain world, but in me is a spark of the divine, and that is constant and certain. And more certain than anything is the grand Divine that watches from above. And I think if I try in good faith all these plans and ideas, perhaps then chaos will fall, but even so I'll be alright.

Anywho, take it to your head, take it to your heart and remember Rand rocks. Goodnight Folks!

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