Monday, January 28, 2008

Dance! Dance! Now where's my revolution buddy?

I've been talking about plans and the future and stuff a lot lately, however, unlike my previous bouts of future-philia there is a reason for that.

I am planning to make big changes to things. And hopefully, if I actually get off my ass and do them, they should come to pass.

Big plans:
Multiple webposts:

History man (I might change the name, the current name I have for it is Years Like Grains of Dust or something of the like): A history-focused webpost. I've done occasional history-centered webposts from time to time, but I've never expected the audience here to be focused on that. Moreover, I've never used the prompt of necessity to make myself write more about history. I'm a little bit scared of unleashing that potent prompt, but no pain no gain. Check out the first introductory post here.

Mathimoto's complaint (or something of the like): A math-focused webpost. There's a dearth of good math-centric webposts on the web as a whole. I'm aiming to fill that void with a vengeance. I'm talking interesting math facts, quick math lessons, math news, math history, the works. I might also be able to get some other math folk to help out with this.

Rand Reviews: Basically a focus on my reviews, with also my AMV reviews and maybe some webpost pointers. Mainly just getting away from my personal stuff and philosophy stuff for people who aren't as interested in that. Also, it's a way to force me to do more reviews and such.

The Rand Show: I'm hoping to keep this going strong, but with more emphasis on my personal philosophy, my religion, and my take on the world as it turns. Although I might have to clip some parts of what I have now. The work world isn't the best place for dealing with certain things, and since more job places are getting more intense in searching the web for who you are, I might have to take a censorship axe to some of my older stuff.

Also, a possibility: The Rutgarian. My thoughts on Rutgers and such. The limitation with that though would be, I'm graduating in a semester. I think part of the reason I'm feeling so much Rutgers pride is that I've gotten used to this place and am a little afraid of leaving, but there's a whole world out there, and it's not going to conquer itself (or will it? Dunn Dunn Dunn!!!).

Also, a Rand art webpost. I'm planning to make a big push with the comic soon, and I've also been drawing a lot otherwise. My camera's now working and I'm trying to learn some video editing skills. So I'm hoping all that stuff will end up on the site, but the problem with that is: Some people are more readers than lookers, and some people (like me when I have to deal with the highly interesting but image and clip-saturated webpost The House Next Door) get tired by slow, slow upload times due to massive files located on a swebsite. Answer: Secondary website where those giagantic files can roam free.

Other plans:

GET A JOB!!! (Yeah, I'm going to need to do that, and so some of these high-flying plans might need some trimmin').

Sellin' some T-shirts!!! Woo!!!:
I've never been opposed to selling out, well, as long as I can still do stuff at my quality level or reasonably close. But so far, busy and lazy have kept me from doing so. And yet here's something which I can do with relatively little effort, so perhaps you'll see some of that sometime pretty soon.

Getting more webbish: it's time I got more into the 21st century, especially since some parts of me are more 19th century. So I'm learning so web apps and such and I'm trying to borrow my way into the general web community. Look out web, you're about to get Randerzized.

So those are my plans. As I've said I've been talking a lot about them lately and so I'm going to try less about them from now on unless I actually have something significant to say about them. But stay tuned, because I AM RAND!!!! And that makes me just plain awesome.

And because of my great and glorious awesomeness I've deigned to give you a treat:

Here's TURK (of Scrubs fame) DANCING!!!!

So take it to your head, take it to your heart and remember Rand rocks. Goodnight Folks!

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