Monday, December 17, 2007

All around the world

All around the world I'm going, actually not so much. Right now I'm still in New Brunswick, where I've been for the greater part of the last 3 and 1/2 years, and any real true moving is going to have to wait for graduation. But as a little consolation I most likely will be spending the next 2 weeks in India and then the two weeks after than in Cali.

But perhaps more traveling like for the last while or so I've been traveling the web. The idea, or at least part of the idea is to get a good sense of what's up there and get more methods of spreading my reputation and general awesomeness. But this has all been a half-efforted effort largely since I've been busy with the whole schoolness and general busyness. There's still so much to look for and so much to find. But such is the way of the world.

I've put under my links some of the cooler stuff overall I've found, but I thought I'd elaborate a bit on the matter.

The Becker-Posner Webpost
Quite the impressive credentials on this one. Two noble prize-winning economists, writing about random political/social/economic issues from a certainly economist point of view. They are sort of conservative overall, but it's a conservativism born from the idea that many conservative positions lead to a better world. For example, both of them favor overall lower taxes, but high taxes for the ultra-mega-super rich. The question for them isn't necessarily fairness (although they sometimes factor that in), but whether it makes sense, mostly from a utilitarian point of view. Of course as two very different people they have different opinions of things and matters, for example on nationalism and such. But overall, they got a lot of interesting stuff to say from airline quality to giant pigs (no actually they don't talk about giant pigs, actually to stuff like climate change).

Dealing in Subterfuges: Jordan Baker
Alright main reason I checked out her webpost is the fact that she uses a character from The Great Gatsby as her name. As far as I can tell she's a professor and a woman and an overall cool person. She talks about baseball, life and womanness (not actually pretentiously), which makes it a bit interesting for me. I javascript:void(0)
Publish Postcan't say I know that much about women, and actually I can't really say that reading her stuff actually makes me know more about women, but her posts are always a fun read and she usually gets some nice talk-back too.

Rantings of a Sandmonkey
Now this guy is a Egyptian dissident, and while that might so highly serious and such and while he talks about some immensely serious matters sometimes. He also a pretty crazy cool guy who talks kind of like an idiot, kind of like a cool guy, kind of smart, kind of dumb, but overall worth giving a try.

Rocket Stocks
This crazy guy, this crazy guy, this crazy guy, well he's my bro. And his bud, but he writes a lot about getting free money and such all from a computer/rocket scientist/engineer point of view and does all sorts of crazy stuff, although right now all his writing is all about that old financial management which is good and all for money and such.

What's Alan Watching
The smart tv man, with tons and tons of stuff that's good to read. Never better an analysis of tv shows with an encyclopedia of knowledge and lots of cool stuff to read.

So all good stuff eh?

But there's so many odd and interesting edges in the world, ah and there's so much exploring left to do.

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