Thursday, July 5, 2007

we don’t need to profile one race of people because actually most of the world hates us

There's a quote from majority of Indians like us for example, and much of these popularity ratings fluxuate and are do to multiple complex factors. However, that said, the above quote still rings of truth. We still have to be careful about racial profiling (look I know that this is an inaccurate term since in this case we're talking about profiling based on a religion, and even if we were talking about profiling Arabs it wouldn't work since technically Arabs are white, but until I think of a better term for profiling based on wide ethnic or ideological based groupings, I'll use this one) because there are actually a large number of and highly diverse cast of possible terrorists out there. That's why I'm a little bit annoyed at the saying that we need to be tough on "Islamic terrorism." I mean I understand why people are saying it, and I'm not going to hold anything against people who say it (well, I'm going to try not to hold anything against them, the subconscious is often a slippery thing to control and so I'm not to pretend to be completely its master), heck I might slip into using it sometimes (of course, I do have some pretty negative feelings about myself, even though I am Rand the mighty and glorius), and sometimes the saying is appropriate. But here's the problem with that saying, it ignores the fact that not all terrorists are Muslims.

What is the second largest terrorist attack on the US. The Oklahoma City bombing, granted it wasn't on the same scale as the September 11th attacks, but it beats out any other act of domestic terrorism, including any other act of terrorism commited in the US by Muslims. And guess what, the culprits were American. Moreover, because of racial profiling, media claimed the culprit was probably Arab, resulting in attacks on Arabs in America (see the Wikipedia article).

So we can't just be vigilant about "Islamic terrorism," we must be vigilant about terrorism in general. And that includes terrorism by white supremists against Arabs in the US as well as against Muslims in the US (the two terms aren't interchangable, most Muslims in the world or in the US are not Arab, and there are plenty of Christian Arabs in the world, and in the US most Arabs are actually Christian (this is do to a number of factors, including but not limited to the fact that Christian Arabs find the US easier to live in than Muslim Arabs and the fact that Arab countries often (that is not to say all Muslim Arabs hate Christian Arabs, that would be a gross sterotype) have problems in the religious relations between Christians and Muslims. Given the increased attacks on Muslims in the US by hate groups this is a pressing concern that must be addressed. We must be vigilant in protecting all our citizens from terrorism no matter what the religion of the terrorist or the victims.

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USpace said...

Actually, there is a fair amount that has been written about a possible Islamic connection in Oklahoma. Google around. Even if not, there has been over 10,000 Islamic inspired terrorist attacks since 9/11. See The Religion of Peace. That's thousands of percent more than any other Religious group or ideology.

Great post, what a brainwashed group many Arab Christians are for defending radical Islamists who are terrorizing them, they really are in deep denial. We must keep waking up all the Jews and Christians, on the Left and the Right.

It's a real scary situation with the Christian Arabs being driven out of Palestine and the Middle East and Western churches not defending them either.

The level of dhimmidiotness is astounding. This is shameful, all Christians should be ashamed for the behavior of their dhimmidiot Church leaders.

People should go up in their church when they are invited up to offer a prayer and say:

"I'd like to offer a prayer this Christmas for all the oppressed and harassed Arab Christians being driven out of Palestine and the Middle East."

And the church won't be able to stop it, it will be too quick.

This will open some eyes and get some parishioners wanting to learn more about this.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
harass all Christians

drive them from your lands
or watch people leave Islam

absurd thought -
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blame your failings on the Jews

for a few more thousand years
they are Earth's scapegoats

absurd thought -
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give Israel away

to appease her enemies
dishonor America

absurd thought -
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go ahead and blame the Jews

IslamoFascists and YOU
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. .