Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Moving on up or not

I'm contemplating a move, or at least a partial move, in a number of ways, virtually speaking, because the futures (are) made of virtual insanity, or maybe just because as Rand the mighty and glorius I must maintain a strong internet persona (although I'm thinking of toning down my plans of launching a full-fledged internet identity, since you don't know my plans for that, this means very little to you, but it means very much for you my loyal, loving, extremely bummy audience), anywho, I'm thinking of moving, or perhaps launching a secondary blog at Blogspot since it offers some better features for blogging (or if you perfer pretty words to ugly ones, maintaining a webpost (I am getting actually somewhat tired of my war against the word blog, perhaps it is time for me to call it quits on that front, or perhaps it is time for me to take it up a notch, in the words of Emeril, BAM!), on the other hand it lacks the large social networking community MySpace offers, so it's a tough decision (plus I've already got some people apparently reading my stuff here, and they are probably pretty bummy so I'm not sure if they'd go along with my move). In the long term, I hope to gain the internet guru skills to put a webpost on my own independent website, and make it much more fancy than this. But that actually brings me to another question: Should I move my website off of angelfire, at least so I can get away from that horrendously long address. Oh, decisions, decisions.

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