Monday, October 8, 2007

In the Garden of Eden, baby

In the Garden of Eden, I'm sure I would post a session every day, in fact, I'd probably post multiple sessions a day, but... this ain't the Garden of Eden baby! And I don't have my own house, and I go home on the weekend, and therefore I have to deal with too many people, too few computers, and recently insane busy-ness on the weekends (due to the whole, now I'm picking up work for the Princeton Review and it's mostly on the weekends (I'm taking care of business and working overtime, WORK OUT!!!!! Doo doo diddi doo doo, doo doo doo doo dooo)).

Overall, just to summarize, really busy, screw you. But I do intend to try to do some better time management, what has bothered me a good deal more than oop (I like it better without the s) missed 2 days worth of sessions, is the fact that I missed going to Church on Sunday. It's been probably 5-7 months since I last missed Church, at least so as that I remember. Church has always been very important to me, so this was pretty disturbing for me. So I need to ask myself, is this a sign that my life has gotten so busy that it is pushing God out of my life, or is it just a mistake made one day that I will studiously avoid from now on? (The latter).

Ultimately, the incident reminded me of why I do everything I do even when it doesn't seem to have any purpose. I am in service of God.

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