Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Princeton Review Redux

I am back in the Princeton Review building, four maybe five years after having left it with a relieved smile. That is not to say the Princeton Review was that bad, I simply regarded it as useless and a waste of my time, judgements that were unduly harsh in retrospect. The Princeton Review, maybe, maybe was useful, but I wouldn't pay for it again if I had to take another big test as I did those several years ago for the SATs. And now I'm back again on the teacher's side and now...well, now I'm in training, so basically things are pretty much the same. I'm being taught stuff about the SATs, and true I'm also getting the bonus of learning how to teach the SATs, but neither is terribly interesting. What's unfortunate now though, is that I can't zone out as I used to when things get particularly boring.

I suppose this is the difference between classes and job training, with classes, you mess up, you can make it up later, and you can study from the text book, and if you miss the nuances of the professor's lessons, well, that probably won't be on the test anyways, but with job training, well, you mess up you get fired. So I can't simply doodle while the trainer goes through his lesson, as much as I'd like to and in a four hour lesson, I'd really, really like to, so instead I have to listen, because I'm going to have to use this information to impress him so I can get a job, so I can get money. I suppose this is the ultimate state of education, in all education there's the promise that if you do well you can get a job and if you don't you lose a job, here that promise and threat are not something far away that might happen, they are right in front of your face. Of course, with real education there is also the value of the information your getting, which in the case of the Princeton Review teaching is somewhat low I have to say in my opinion, but even if it was high I'd probably still be bored. I'm often bored even in my more interesting classes, and I have to force myself to pay attention to get even the information that I want to learn, but here...well, here I don't really want this information but I have to take it. Oh well, I do need the money, because in the end I have grand ambitions and some annoying problems, and both while not solvable through money could be helped with a little application of power correctly used, and hey, money is simply liquid power. Such is the way of the world, heck it's not even such a bad way of the world. I got to get going, to sleep probably (I'll have to apologize, well to myself I guess for the recent shortness of sessions, but I'm tired and busy, but those aren't very good excuse but there's always still tommorow), but anyways, take it to your head, take it to your heart and remember Rand rocks. Goodnight Folks!

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