Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A little bit of this

I sometimes wonder what the point of this webpost is. Does anyone read it? The statistics say yes, but at an odd and inconsistant rate. I dunno, hopefully people are reading this, and being exposed ot the glory that is Rand. At least it keeps me working.

Today is a bit of a disarray
So let me treat you to some random thoughts

There is no greater feeling of relaxation than flushing out your system
In the bathroom
It eases the mind and body
To remove all that requires number one or two
Often when I am dealing with a troubling assignment of a homework nature
I will stroll to the bathroom
And sit on the toliet
Empty my system
And think
In the utter privacy
Only the bathroom allows

How is that?
I thought I'd change things up a little. Just a treat for all you who are reading.
Comikier comics should be coming up this week, stay prepared.

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