Monday, June 4, 2007

I know you want to hit that

I'm a devout Christian, so that undoubtably influences my thinking about sex. Like most things I try to start my thinking about an ethical topic from a trusted source, usually the Church, then analyze the topic and either agree with the trusted source or gradually move from that starting point through reason to a new perspective. So I approach most of my understanding of sex from that perspective. It shouldn't be surprising then that I think that sex should be in marriage. But lacking that it should at least be in a commited relationship. And I feel this ought be true for both men and women. There's this certain justification for women having sex outside a commited relationship by saying "well, when men have sex with lots of women they are called players and complimented, but when women do it they're called sluts, thus it is alright for women to have sex with lots of men," but you could also say that maybe, just maybe, it is wrong for men to be having sex with lots of women. I dunno, I just read something like that in the newspaper that prompted that reaction. Yeah, so that's about that. I hope that didn't sound too angry, while I don't like that saying, I don't want to imply that the people who do have lots of random sex are bad people, on the other hand I am holding it to be a sin, but there are lots of sins and we all commit them, so we don't get to judge, of course, just because you shouldn't judge people doesn't mean that people don't do bad things, it just means that doing a bad thing doesn't necessarily make them a bad person.

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