Saturday, February 9, 2008

You know this guy, I love this guy, I really do

You know with TV shows have several multiple plot centers, especially when there's an ensemble cast of all-cool, all-awesome characters. But sometimes you're just in a mood for one plot center, and you're like, hmmm, how do I get through these lists of episode names to get to the plot center I want. And so I feel like that at times. And so I thought I might even things out for myself and for all other Cowboy Bebop fans out there:

So let me break down some plot centers, etc.:
(story-line are episodes having to do with the character's central personal back-story, semi-storyline are episodes that have some lasting significance or that reveal some minor back-story element, and then there's just non-storyline episodes)

Ensemble episodes: 2. Stray Dog Strut, 4. Gateway Shuffle, 7. Heavy Metal Queen, 11. Toys in the Attic, 14. Bohemian Rhapsody, 23. Brain Scratch

Jet-centric episodes:
Storyline: 10. Ganymede Elegy, 16. Black Dog Serenade
Semi-storyline: Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

Edward-centric episodes:
Storyline: 24. Hard Luck Woman
Semi-storyline: 9. Jamming with Edward
Non-storyline: 17. Mushroom Samba

Faye-centric episodes:
Storyline: 15. My Funny Valentine, 18. Speak Like A Child, 24. Hard Luck Woman
Semi-Storyline: 3. Honky-Tonk Woman, 12.,13. Jupiter Jazz (two parts)

Spike-centric episodes:
Storyline: 5. Ballad of Fallen Angels, 12,13. Jupiter Jazz (two parts), 25.,26. The Real Folk Blues
Semi-Storyline: 1. Asteroid Blues, 19. Wild Horses, The Movie - Knocking on Heaven's Door
Non-storyline: 6. Sympathy for the Devil, 8. Waltz for Venus, 20. Pierre Le Fou, 22. Cowboy Funk

Some might dispute my divisions, but in the end, those people aren't as cool as me.

So take it to your head take it to your heart and remember Rand rocks. Goodnight Folks!

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