Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Ah, St.Valentine's Day, a day of love, a day of romance, a day of... MATH!!!

Since I have spent much energy elsewhere, I cannot explain the full dimensions of St.Valentine's Day mathematical importance, but I can share with you a Valentine's Day treat.

Want to make your sweetie's heart swoon, give here the formula for Cardioids, vaguely heart shaped graphs using polar coordinates!

(just to refresh you, polar coordinates use distance from the origin (the center of the graph) as r, combined with an angle Θ (it's hard to represent it on a computer, but its basically an O with a line in the middle, or sometimes just a cursive-ish O) to form a location for a point)

or if you're feeling more sine-y

(formulas courtesy of Paul's Online Calc. II Notes, which is itself courtesy of and property of Professor Paul Dawkins of Lamar University)

But if you've messed up former Valentine's Day gifts, perhaps you need something a little bit more spectacular, well then I direct you to this fantastic site:

All About Heart Curves! (not it's actual name)

From the mind of Professor Jürgen Köller.

Well, I think that's a heart healthy start to Valentine's Day. But you can't slack off, after all, you still need to give Valentines to people. Just don't forget to give a Valentine to one very special girl, Math!!!

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