Saturday, September 8, 2007

Le sigh

When I first started my webpost project, I was pretty happy with mySpace. That was before I realized that blogspot or Blogger was much better than mySpace (it still doesn't quite get to what I want out of a webpost, but that goal will have to wait until I get either intense web design skills or a personal assistant). Over time I like to think I've built up a small but loyal audience on mySpace. I say like to think, because I'm really not sure of the facts of the matter. I do get a view count of about 20-30 views per day but I'm not sure A. how many people that actually amounts to and B. how many of those views actual mean a reading. So in response I have started to maintain two webposts, one here, and a mySpace webpost. This way in starting this webpost I have lost none of my audience. The dilemma though, is that I now must post everything (or at least everything important) that I put on one webpost on the other. And sometimes I slip up on that, like yesterday. That's why this webpost in particular might (might!) find a burst of material, or not.

The only way to resolve this is to get the fame to establish a highly loyal audience, but that is a project for about an hour from now.

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