Friday, August 31, 2007

Music makes the people come together into a beast of doom

So if you the reader have paid any attention to my webpost you may have noticed it is at times slightly irregular in frequency. And by slightly I mean often, and by if you have paid any attention I mean if you have not you're a bum, and not just an ordinary bum, a mega-bum. But I think I have discovered an easy way to pump out a post that if it is not full is at least worth looking at and can keep a regular schedule. That is what I am going to do here, take 5 very good songs, and give links to lyrics and music videoes (their actual music videos and/or AMVs (anime music videos)). This way I can point out some nice and perhaps undervalued or appreciated but worth looking at again songs to my readers and thus do them a service even when I am not able to pump out a full post. Now the danger here is that I will become reliant on this method and my real posts will become even more irregular. Ah that is a real danger. But with change there is danger, with life there is danger, but I am a dangerous one myself, and so I Rand the Mighty and Glorious plunge in, "once more into the breach."

Unfortunately, sometimes even this meager goal is outside my time limitations, if I can I'll put up some videos and show you what I'm thinking of later.

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