Friday, August 3, 2007

Face it all up with the Facebook

I've been using Facebook for a while now, not since the beginning but since relatively early on, back when it was restricted to a limited number of colleges. I have to say I like it. It's a nice way to keep track of friends and you can always just look someone up some day and send them a message. All of my life I've worried about losing touch with friends so this is nice. Granted, this doesn't guarantee that I'll remember my friends and my friends will remember me, but it still is very nice.

However, I'm not found of the direction Facebook is heading in. All those complex applications and crap, most of it is just annoying and fills up the mini-feed with useless information. The only applications that are useful are the ones which are just for fun like the Zombies app or the Happy Hour app, but seriously stuff like the Questions app is just annoying since it tends to just pester people and stuff. I suppose ultimately I'll check out some more applications but I don't think I can ever really use Facebook as mySpace. I mean I use Facebook to keep in contact with friends, MySpace is for me more about networking and sharing ideas and videos and crap. But Facebook I guess wants all the prestige of being able to swallow mySpace and everything and so they'll keep adding crappy applications, ah whatever, I'll still probably use it anyways.

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