Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shottie your brain

I'm liking Riding Shotgun. It's got great music, nice visuals, a good atmosphere, and that sense of being part of something new but something that could be good. I like this idea of iManga. It's low-stress on Video cards so that it can be watched casually and produced low budget. Yet visually it's appealing. However, the bounty hunter setting is a bit cliche, even if it is part of the reason the atmosphere is good. The main character is also pretty cliche, the jaded bounty hunter, and I really haven't seen much depth with the characters yet. The main character isn't greatly likable either. The female lead seems better but I haven't got a good hold of her and I'm sort of reserving judgement until I have her full backstory. But anyways, I am liking the product as a whole. Given that these episodes are maybe a minute or two long, perhaps designed for cell-phones, and there's only 4 so far, I can't really give a judgement on it yet, but I will give it a SHOULD WATCH rating.

Here's ep. 1 + links to the other episodes:

Riding Shotgun iManga Episode 1

Riding Shotgun iManga Episode 2

Riding Shotgun iManga Episode 3

Riding Shotgun iManga Episode 4

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