Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tiding over the Tides

So again I must profess myself to be negligent in posting, but as a succor to all my math-starved public, I give you:

Vaguely math related youTube clips.

Because I'm lazy but still love my math.

Here's some funny math problems

Here's Ma and Pa Kettle tackling division

Here's Abbot and Costello showing how it's done right

And here are two songs with math in their titles. They're only about math about the same amount music is about math inherently (which is considerably) and perhaps they're about math in a metaphorical sense, but they're by cool bands so anyways:

The Never-Ending Math Equation by Modest Mouse

Black Math by The White Stripes

Ah, I regret that this is not as much Mathimoto as you deserve, but I must be going, stay strong, math-lovers, stay strong!

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