Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cause TV ain't easy

People will tell you tv is for bums. And heck there are bums that watch tv, but then there are tv conousseurs who are anything but bums. And I, my good friends are in the latter category.

So here's a quick run down of some nice tv I've been mulling over in my head lately.

Season 19 Simpsons - The season's over now and the verdict is... pretty good. I was surprised by this season, it had some very nice episodes including a few that I might dare (and I do dare for I dare!!! For I AM RAND!!!), most notably "That 90's Show" and "The Debarted." That doesn't mean these season hasn't had it's fair share of meh episodes like "All About Lisa" or "Love Springfield Style" and this season has had a few out and out bad episodes like "Funeral for a Fiend." Yet what this season shows is that The Simpsons can still turn out good, ney, excellent half hours of tv. This isn't a return to the glory days when even when the Simpsons was bad it was great, nor is it even a return to the uneven 10-13 seasons, rather it is a new phase in Simpsons-dom, maybe one that's been building. And if it is not back to the past, it is still a good future, and I wait with great anticipation to see what will come of it.

Battlestar Galactica - Any quick rundown of the web can give you a dozen better reviews than what I got for Battlestar Galactica (for one such source (also a good source of reviews of Lost, which I haven't even really had a chance to mull over) is the always excellent What's Alan Watching. What I'd just like to say is I don't think Battlestar Galactica's ending is going to live up to the hype, but on the other hand it can't. The hype's been built up with style and flair that has been one of the most interesting things about the show. To put it more plainly, it's not just hype, it's a well-built structure of suspense integrated into the story. I can't imagine the story actually living up to that suspense mind you, especially given this up and down season, but even if it all comes crashing down, the ruins will still be amazing to gaze at. So yes, yes I will watch Battlestar Galactica come to an end, even if it cannot fulfill my dreams.

Big Bang Theory - Weird show. From the premise I'd just assume it was awful, but there's something charming about it. I suppose it's the fact that at its best the show is an homage to nerdage, which doesn't shy away from nerdage's problems, but finds humor in both the greatness and the flaws of nerditude. It doesn't seem to have gotten into a groove where it can be put into that class of greatness, but it does have its moments. On the other hand, it does have moments of pure condesension or mockery toward nerds which is just irritating, and then there are moments of pure sitcom-i-ness. But I'm hoping that the best in it might flesh out. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Coupling - That's where I'm getting the perhaps, perhaps, perhaps thing. I'm not going to say much about it, except that it's highly confusing when you try piecing together what's going on. But what's going on is never the important part for me, it's funny moments are just perfect combinations of wit and characterization that, heck, maybe it doesn't add up to anything, it's still nice to watch.

Now for my final bit of tv rumination (although not the actual final bit of rumination in my head, I just need to get on to other things), what the television viewing public really needs is Rand on tv.

You know you want it.

So anyways, take it to your head, take it to your heart and remember Rand rocks. Goodnight Folks!

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