Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A little poetry for the emotionary

Since I'm near using an oft-imagined though never yet appropriate line ("I am a flexible person, I am many things to many people, but I am nothing to you").

And so I might as well give some extra usage from what is soon becoming but another annoying bad incident in my life. And so here's a poem which I think now suggests the situation which I am now dealing with:

The Physics of It

One expects sparks from your finger tips

Why should ordinary matter not tremble at your presence

That electricity holds its bonds despite your movements

Is a demonstration that physics is frozen in awe of you

And the gait of your step defies walking

And the cadence of your words defies speaking

And your every look is enough to bring a grizzly bear to its knees

Any you wear your aura of sincerity so casually

You breathe in and out generosity of spirit

As if it were only natural

I imagine that must be the case


You defy nature

Like a quantum singularity

Who gives mercy to the light


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