Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cause Math don't stop

Now I will admit I have been somewhat negligent about posting. But let that not deter you from seeking the great works of Math yourself. Because even when I slow or stutter, the Math don't stop:

And here's some places to get more math between my most informative posts:

Here's a nice source of Math Quotes with some cool comic excerpts to boot!

Here's a nice little blog from a Math undergrad (although not as nice as this blog):) called Me Or My Maths.

Beautiful thing about math is it transcends languages, so while there's a lot on this site (let's call it Germanio-Math) which I don't understand (including its title), there's still a lot an English-speaking pursuer of math can take from it.

Here's a quite useful site especially reference-wise: Math.com

And if you want to get even more official-ianated with your math, here's the homepage for the American Mathematical Society

They also have a nice run down of Math in the News in their Math Digest

And there's so much more. For math is limitless in its potentials, and while this blog is limitless in its own ways, I hope for the true seeker of math this blog and all these sites are only the beginning.

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