Thursday, November 29, 2007


So here's a film I stumbled upon solely because of my film project. I don't know that much about it really, except that it's a film from 1928 about the Russian Civil War (still early enough to have some first person perspective) and according to its Wikipedia article it's somewhat ambivalent about the Soviets, maybe. Apparently the director is famous as well, I can't really say from my own knowledge if this is a true fact since I am not a film expert but only an amateur. But if I do use it I'll watch it and maybe do a review too. But anyways for any who want to watch it here are the links:
Arsenal, Part 1
Arsenal, Part 2
Arsenal, Part 3
Arsenal, Part 4
Arsenal, Part 5
Arsenal, Part 6
Arsenal, Part 7
Arsenal, Part 8

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