Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doom to the max, with giraffes: A conversation destined to happen

"I am totally against a giant-giraffe tax!"

"Why? You don't have any giraffes, giant or otherwise?"

"Yeah...yeah...yeah... I don't... but I'm opposed on principle to the giant-giraffe tax."


"Hey I shouldn't be penalized if I happen to acquire giant-giraffes due to a gambling debt and then keep them due to completely non-sexual reason... which doesn't cause any cross-species diseases...and..."

"I should just walk away now shouldn't I..."

"You probably shouldn't have even started this conversation."

"You started this conversation."

"Because I still maintain that any-"

"Okay, learned my lesson... walking away... getting out of here... running a little now."

"Bye, go tell the people, we must stop the giant-giraffe tax!"

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