Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jersey is more awesome than your state plus yo mamma

Everyone likes to bash Jersey, but you know what, we're cooler than you. No scratch that much cooler than you. Jon Stewart knows what I'm talking about.

We got cranberries!
And cranberries taste good. Plus we got a lot of blueberries (second in the nation, but first when it comes to fresh ones)

And don't get me started on Jersey Tomatoes... I mean come on!

It wasn't till I traveled outside Jersey that I realized how awesome it is. We got diners, lots of random road stuff, cool diversity of pop density going from farm to city in various variations (though overall top pop-density in the country - whooo people!)

Plus we got mad diversity + mad Indians! Woo Indians!

We got easy distance to NYC and Philly when we care to get a little variety, plus easy access to airports and seaports and trains (NJ Transit rules!).

Dude, Jersey rocks. It just does.

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