Monday, July 13, 2009

Because Doom don't go away

So I suppose I ought to announce a grand re-entrance to the world of ambition and worries. That is I have faced the life in the moment and decided to exist outside of time. And so on...

Essentially, I've re-embraced my philosophy of false bravado and fool-dom.

But the danger, which I find myself bouncing back and forth from, is that it is not enough to want to be the fool, one must believe one can want to be the fool.

This was essentially my difficulty with living in the moment.

By instinct I believe not in my self, and even with my conscious determined false bravado...
And thus just in the moment I can't remind myself to believe it and...

But in the end, it's alright and it's okay and I'm awesome... RAND RULES!!!

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